What is it that makes cynicism seem like common sense?

How come cynicism is the attitude that seems most socially proscribed and enforced?

Why is it socially safer to sneer rather than enthuse?

Think about it- that place of cynical distance we hide behind- or is it just me?  Despite myself, with a random assortment of passions and creativities, life teaches me still that the best defence against failure, against exposure, against being beached on some shoal of stupidity, is cynicism.

But nothing ever was made or created or celebrated by cynicism. Cynicism can only destroy, undermine, denude.

To achieve something new, to change the world for the better- this always requires hope. Even those of us who struggle to reach the high watermark of optimism (lets us not get carried away after all.)

Hope carries risk. Cynicism condemns us to slow decline into the mundanity of the just-enough, or even worse, the passivity of mass inertia.

So why is it that as I re-read this I still feel…. cynical?