A 12 year old Egyptian kid does politics and theology…

I do not pretend to know very much about the complexities of the political mess currently affecting Egypt. The main ingredients- the politics, the inequality, the religious extremities – are filtered through a media system that is skewed towards a western perspective, and all too addicted to the easy stereotype.

However, I saw this clip on FB the other day- see what you think. Is it for real? A hoax?

Or is this kid speaking in a clear voice on behalf of his people?

I am tired of attempting to justify religious absolutes, no matter where they come from. We Christians should always remember that Jesus had this way of subverting hard boundaries in the name of love.

When heard through the mouth of this precocious boy, anything else really does seem like nonsense…

Photographs of hope for Egypt, and the rest of us…

Michaela pointed this out to me today- which had somehow passed me by-

(Egyptian Muslims raising the Bible & Quran side by side while forming human shields around a church)

It relates to two events in Egypt over the past couple of months.

Firstly, on Christmas eve, thousands of Muslims turned up at Christian Coptic Mass(the 7th of January) services across the country to offer themselves as human shields to protect the Christian worshippers from the threat of suicide bombers.

This in the wake of a brutal attack on a church service on New Years Eve (which left 21 people dead) Mohamed El-Sawy, a Muslim arts tycoon, organised the event behind the slogan “We either live together or we die together.”

Then, in response to this act of solidarity and peace making from Egyptian Muslims, during the recent street protests, Christians formed another human shield to protect Muslims praying in the street-