Pig sick I missed this…

We missed the Tautoko pre-Greenbelt gathering last Thursday because we did not get down to Cheltenham in time. We had a bit of a disaster handing over William to Michaela’s dad. He had arranged to meet him near Stoke, but he got lost, so eventually we had to detour all the way across country.

Bless him, it felt like delivering a bit of baggage. Need to get a handle fitted…

I was already sad to miss the meet-up, as the Cathedral is such a wonderful place, but I have just heard that it was also a chance to get a preview of this-

Crucible is one of the largest and most important exhibitions of contemporary sculpture to take place in Britain during the past decade.

Over 70 works of art will be featured by many of Britain’s most renowned sculptors and internationally famous artists… Crucible will include sculptures by Sir Eduardo Palozzi, Lynn Chadwick, Antony Gormley and Damien Hirst. Some pieces have been sourced from private collections or specially loaned and several have been made especially for the exhibition. Many have never been seen in public before.

It will be open in Gloucester Cathedral for the next two months.

Go and see it

And think of me…

Greenbelt reflections 2- Cathedral lock in


I attended a network event in Gloucester Cathedral organised by Feig. It was great- so a huge thanks to those who organised it.

I have never been to a lock-in in a Cathedral before- but highly recommend it!

The event was a chance to meet up and network with some other ‘practitioners’ who do alt worship/emerging church/arty stuff, organised around the ‘Tautoko’ network. We shared a meal in a glorious side chapel, then had the freedom to explore then Cathedral- including the marvelous Icons that are being exhibited there at present. We had the chance to climb to the top of the tower, overlooking the night time city, and to use a labyrinth, and to listen to the mad high energy worship of the ‘Agents of the future’ whilst taking a glass or two of wine.


I was amazed at the feel of freedom about the whole gathering- the sense that the 600 year old building was relaxing and enjoying things with us. The pomposity and dusty stiffness that can easily be associated with Cathedrals was no where to be seen.

I am still a little amazed that the trustees and dean of the Cathedral was happy to allow us to use it in this way- hats off to them!

Some more photos-