Message in a bottle- Scarba…

On the last morning of our recent trip to Scarba, I made this little video clip.

The Whiskey bottle was emptied around our fire.

The message inside was one of the meditations we used, with our names on the back. I threw it as far as out into the Gulf of Corryvreckan as I could, in the knowledge that the whirlpool could spit it out as far as it is possible to imagine.

Was this a terrible contribution to the pollution seen in these wild places? We had a philosophy of taking only pictures and leaving only footprints. The beach that we camped next to was already littered with plastic of all colours and shapes…

Perhaps- but the romanticism of the action seemed beautiful to me. And a glass bottle- despite the risks if broken- seems to me to be more easily swallowed by the sea and made into beach glass.

If you find it, let us know!