Some deer visited our house this morning. They are always here or hereabouts, but this time it was a hind and her fawn. I happened to be armed with a camera, albeit with the wrong lens, so here are a few blurry, over cropped images…

Also today, our first holiday guests arrived to use the annexe.

I said I would post some photos of the annex when it was finished. My last task was to mend a switch on the cooker- and the part arrived just in time. For now, it is ready!

Once again- if you are looking for some very reasonably priced accommodation (£250 a week) over the summer, on the banks of the Clyde, and in the middle of stunning scenery- then drop us a line. So far we have three weeks booked, so plenty of availability as we speak. (We are working on a website, but for now, it is just word-of-mouth really- apart from this blog.)

As another taster- check out this website– extolling the delights of the coastline across the other side of our lovely little peninsular.

Cowal is an unspoiled, undeveloped, scenic gem. Don’t take my word for it- come and see!

Here are the photos-