A bit more on (un)belief…

Michaela noticed a little article in the Spirited Exchanges newsletter mentioning this book

Mark Vernon, an ex Anglican Priest, concludes that

“both mental health and spiritual flourishing appear to require a skilful toleration of darkness and doubt, which explains why people often prefer to cling to what they claim to know…Certainty sells in science and religion. But as Thomas Aquinas realised, the best we can do when talking about God is to understand what God is not, and be open to what God might be, beyond our comprehension. It’s also known as faith.”

There is also a radio programme which you can listen to here, with Mark Vernon in conversation with David Jenkins, the former Bishop of Durham, Karen Armstrong, Ann Widdecombe and a variety of scientists and philosophers.

I particularly liked the discussion with David Jenkins- whose name I knew in the past as a kind of enemy because of his apparent questioning of many of the things which I was told were essential parts of being a follower of Jesus. “The most Christianity can be” he said, “is a pilgrimage.”

He appears to be the other side of whatever crisis of faith he had- and to be comfortable with doubt.

Which has some interesting parallels to my post here.