Pat Robertson says Haiti ‘made a pact with the Devil’

Pat has been sounding off again.

Alistair pointed me in the way of this-

Oh dear.

The scary thing is that millions of Americans take what Robertson says seriously.

When Marx called religion the ‘opium of the people’ he perhaps had in mind drug dealers like Pat.

Haiti lives in the shadow of its colonial past. Check out the brief historical summary here. It has not just that America has been a poor neighbour, but you could say a rather devilish one.

Incidentally, the slave revolt that ejected the French happened before Napoleon III of France was born!

Robertson brings shame to Christians with his ludicrous pronouncements.

He does not speak for me. Nor, I suspect, for Jesus.

I have heard lots of talk about corruption, as the worlds press is full of appeals for money and aid. Lest this slow down our willingness to open our wallets- can I suggest checking out OXFAM