What is the worst Christmas TV advert so far?

Sorry friends- but I feel a rant coming on…

You can’t escape them you see. They will be played over and over for the next two months. Each one expensively produced- mostly stuffed full of minor celebrities.

Yes- they are here in full force- the dreadful Christmas adverts.

The worst so far (in my opinion) are below.

By reproducing them here, I run the risk, dear readers, of subliminally pushing you towards the clutches of M/S and ToysRus (possibly the most irritating name for any shop the world over) but I will run this risk as, of course, framing is everything.

I confess (I know, I am a weak man) that I kind of like the next one. Perhaps it is the Morrissey song, or just the lovely ordinariness of the subject. Or perhaps it is just because of the joy of giving not getting.

Or maybe I am just as soft as treacle.

But perhaps the worst of all is this one. Watch and cringe.

Do you think adverts like this will be banned one day in the same way that cigarette ones have been?

Someone added up the cost of all these gifts- just under three thousand pounds.