I do not agree…



A bit of fun this- although laboured and rather too worthy.

I am still trying to write what I am calling ‘poetry of protest’ as mentioned here. This one might be more or less within the rules I set for myself then, but only just. Here it is anyway;

I do not agree


I do not agree with economists

Who monetise success

I do not agree that pounds or pence

Ever show us at our best


I do not agree the skin we’re in

Should make whom we’re becoming

I do not agree that some are born

To only test the plumbing


I do not agree with generals

Their guns can rot to rust

I do not agree, their meat machines

Cause in me disgust


I do not agree when those in power

Line the pockets of their friends

I do not agree that might is right

When the poor are thus condemned


I do not agree that we should comply

We are formed in evolution

I do not agree that nothing turns

This worlds in revolution


Vodpod videos no longer available.

I hate words that are used as weapons.

Words that spit on people.

Words that are used to smear and to dehumanise.

Some of the words like this have been broken out of use- people have seen them for what they are. Or perhaps power that was withheld has now been taken, and the marginalised will no longer stay silent about the words we have used about them. So we no longer hear words like ‘nigger’ or ‘wog’ or ‘Jim Crow’ used in daily conversation.

Other words however remain. All those words for people from the Middle East, in the wake of another batch of imperialistic wars. Wars ‘against terror’. as if terror could  be fought by out-terrorising other people’s children. We make it OK by stripping the other of their humanity- and this is reflected in out use of language- ‘Towel heads’, ‘Rag Heads’…

One word that I have heard used by people who really should know better is this one- Pikey. It is a word that allows us to dismiss those remarkably resilient outsiders- the travelling folk.

Most words like this do not survive encounters with real people, with real stories. People in three dimensions. I have just watched this lovely film, which makes this point better than any more words of mine.