Psalms for the downshifter…

So, this Sunday morning, we rested.

We ate fried egg sandwiches and drank deep from the tea pot

And we were grateful; for the company, for the sounds of the morning kitchen, for the warmth of the stove. For a day uncommitted and time owed to no-one.

And we talked again of dreams for living better. Living more openly, more lovingly, more sustainably. Not because this is some kind of right that we can demand, but because grace is to be found in most things. Not because life should be easy, but because direction should not be determined by the ruts made by other peoples wheels.

I do not often quote Scripture here, but I came across this- and offer it as a Psalm for all of us who are looking to live more simply;

Psalm 62 (from the Message)

5-6 God, the one and only—
I’ll wait as long as he says.
Everything I hope for comes from him,
so why not?
He’s solid rock under my feet,
breathing room for my soul,
An impregnable castle:
I’m set for life.

7-8 My help and glory are in God
—granite-strength and safe-harbor-God—
So trust him absolutely, people;
lay your lives on the line for him.
God is a safe place to be.

9 Man as such is smoke,
woman as such, a mirage.
Put them together, they’re nothing;
two times nothing is nothing.

10 And a windfall, if it comes—
don’t make too much of it.

11 God said this once and for all;
how many times
Have I heard it repeated?
“Strength comes
Straight from God.”

12 Love to you, Lord God!
You pay a fair wage for a good day’s work!


Soft rests the day on the cushion we made

From this empty day

And soft falls some light on the seat in the window

Spilling in to make carpet castles

Woollen walls between the world

And this haven

-this heaven of ours

Make me a man who loves deeply

Who sees the depth of blessing

In small things

Like today

And you

And me

The day was gentle and kind…


What a lovely day.

One of those days that hangs like a blessing.

I have had a few migraine days, and this is the first when I felt more or less whole. So we spent some time playing music, reading, then got out into the garden to clear some trees and bushes.

I then took the bike out along Loch Eck, over the high pass and down the glen to Ardentinny. I met Michaela and the kids there and indulged in a cold cold pint. Mmmmm.

So we sat overlooking a sea so calm that you could see the wake of a boat fully two miles away rolling hopefully in our direction over water with the texture of silver orange peel. We were still out as the sun dropped below the hills and lit up the clouds all rose coloured. Smoke from the evening fires hanging in the pine trees like the mists of Avalon.

Time for chips I reckon…