Road trip…


We are back home after a great few days.

It started out with a long drive down to Coalbrookdale, Telford, where we met up with some great folk who are part of the Tautoko network.

We met some great people, and had a chance to share hopes and dreams with others who are experimenting with new forms of church, mission and worship. It was strange to meet people from so many groups who I had heard of, visited on line, and perhaps even used ideas/material from.

I always find the process of being thrown into a sea of new people like this difficult at first. Michaela was in her element, swimming strongly, whereas I paddled in the shadows for a while. But by the end of the weekend, I hope we began to make some real connections- with people with whom we will get to know more in the future. Certainly it will make attendance at Greenbelt Festival very different, as there will be so many more familiar faces involved in planning and running parallel events.

I hesitate to mention any names, as we met so many folk, and had such great conversations- and typically I will get the names wrong! But I will risk mentioning a few…

Great to meet Laura Drane (thanks for the invite!) and chums from Sanctus 1 in Manchester. Also Jonny Baker, Mark Berry, Jenny from Spirited Exchanges, and Julie Wilson from Big stuff up here in Scotland. I also enjoyed meeting Martin and hearing about Beyond, down in Brighton- and loved the beach hut advent calender thing they did last year.

After all this, we had a great day out at the Blists Hill living museum– a step into Victorian industrial life.

We then visited family up in Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire. I spent a day and a half renovating my mothers garden pond (not a recommended pastime) and the kids visited Matlock Bath, and took the cable cars up the Heights of Abraham.

Here are a few assorted photo’s. Click to enlarge…

Tautoko weekend…


We are taking the family on a bit of a road trip this weekend- to meet up with people who are part of the Tautoko weekend in Ironbridge, Telford.

We don’t know exactly what to expect- as we don’t really know who else is going to be there, although we know some folk by name. We are going because we were invited, and because it sounded so great- a weekend to meet up with people who are interested in doing church in new and creative ways…

Michaela was just so keen to go to something that someone else organised as well!

We have been hungry for connection since we started out on our church-outside-Church way of being. Sometimes we have felt so isolated and cut off from other Christians. And even if our call is OUTWARDS, not inwards, we were very aware of needing connection, encouragement, mentoring, mutuality and a sense of being part of a wider stream.

So we are hopeful for this weekend- I’ll let you know how things go!