Meanwhile, most people live as well as they can, where they can…

A few days ago I wrote a piece about home ownership in the UK- suggesting that it has become a national obsession, and that it might be distorting our sense of community and collective identity.

Today Michaela showed me this- I loved the way people made personal spaces out of whatever they can. Life flourishes where we love.

Back to work…

Oh dear.

Tomorrow I return to work for a few days. It is that rather difficult period within social work between Christmas and New Year, and I will be the only manager covering all sorts of things beyond my usual mental health remit. It may be quiet. It may be manic.

Always a shock to system.

To this list (for rather too much of the time) add ‘Social work management’!

In order to cheer myself up, I went searching for other peoples feelings about work, and discovered this TED lecture

Hmmm- at this point, I think castrating lambs with your teeth has it’s attraction…

But then again, what I do has value. I do my best to make a difference, and to be graceful and respectful to those who work with/for me (and sometimes I even manage to do this!)

And because I work, I have a house and other resources that enable me to serve the Kingdom, and to give my kids a start in life that I did not have.

So I will go in tomorrow, reluctantly perhaps, but with a smile.

I plan to give the office a good sort out.

Bare those teeth- and bite!