Aoradh wilderness trip 2011- some photos…

Fantastic weekend!

The island was wonderful, very much exceeding my expectations. It was perhaps the smallest of our retreat destinations, but at the same time was packed full of delights-

Ancient monastic sites- church, beehive cells, a hermits cave.

Wildlife like you would not believe- otters, seabirds, seals, corncrakes. Nearby ospreys (seen on the return.) Also- a complete absence of ticks and midges!

Sun- three days with barely a cloud. Sure, it was windy, but mostly gloriously warm. Warm enough for diving into the sea for some of us!

We sat round fires, walked out meditations and laughed a lot.

It was wonderful.

Thanks to all of you that came along…

Aoradh Wilderness Retreat 2011…

I’ll be off line for a few days…

Over the coming weekend, 11 of us will be heading off to a tiny uninhabited island for this years Aoradh wilderness retreat.

This year we will be here

There will be 11 of us this year- from London, Lancashire and Argyll, and I am really looking forward to it.

We have prepared some interesting things to do this year- dividing the time up into silent and social time.

See you when we get back!