William- almost 13…


Tomorrow William becomes a teenager. Gulp.

Last night he had a party- themed around Bugsy Malone gangster stuff. Everyone came dressed as a gangster or a moll, and after loads of food, music and watching the film on a big screen, everyone went outside to have a massive custard pie and water pistol fight. They had a ball- despite the almost impossible midge level last night (the worst I can ever remember around the house.)

Each event like this, for parents, is one to savour, to store in precious memory banks. This may be the last of those innocent children’s parties we ever throw for one of our kids- the age of party games, of jelly, of passing the parcel is now gone.

But each step along this life journey with our lovely kids has been nothing but beautiful- even the tough bits act as counterpoint only. Through them we are blessed beyond anything I could ever have expected when we started out…

Some more photos;