New blog banner…

I took so many lovely photographs in the Outer Hebs that I decided to change the blog banner.

The dominating feature of the islands that I remember are the waves crashing on the empty white beaches, driven by the strong winds over the long reach of the wild Atlantic.

Sure, you may need a woolly hat along with your bucket and spade, but give me these places over the Costa del Sol any day…

And for further proof here are some more photo’s taken from beach of Halaman Bay, Barra. I promise to stop the holiday pics after this!




Beaches were made for contemplation…


We step out of the car into a wind whipped in from the arctic
Unconstrained by obstacle
And walk the soft sand towards the music of the sea.
Passing the strandline of shells left by the high spring tide
Grateful when feet find the firm sand squeezed by the kettledrum roll
Of the wonderful waves
As they spit out sparkling pebbles
Left in the sunlight like gifts from God

Inside our hats and scarves we are alone in inner space
Apart from the occasional sentence shouted into the salt air
To bring the kids away from a wave that reaches further towards
The tops of wellies

Beaches, I think, were made for contemplation
Just the place for poets
So I lift my watering eyes to the wind
And stand before a sea going out for ever
But also keeping on coming in
Offering to all the far horizon
And the longing for landfall
At the mercy of a friendly wind
And the fall of the tide

I watch the waves in the distance, hoping for a glimpse of a sea monster
And ponder all that life down deep
All those colours invisible in indigo darkness
Alive in creations overflow
And it is all too big

Alien flashing transparency
Reduced somehow to parrot food
In another world

So big that movement seems tectonic

So with faces numb
But senses alive
We walk on towards the reward
Of the seaside town
Offering some out of season hospitality
To poets and all