The edge…

This is a poem about death, written in around a simple story I heard recently. I am also reminded of this.

“The ocean goes on for ever”

Said the ripple

Just learning how to be a wave

Learning how to catch the reach of the wind

How to rise like an athlete at the drop of a flag

And to skim over the skin of the sea

Fringed by the speed of movement


But the ringing horizon was a

Crystalled panning lens

That one day found the edge

Of a jagged shadow

Against which wave after wave

After wave after wave

Was broken


“What is this terrible thing” cried the ripple

“That would turn us white then end us?”


So an older wave shouldered close

And offered some compassion;

“Have no fear now little one

Let’s roar and make commotion

For what you are is more than wave

You are made from mighty ocean.”

New blog banner…

I took so many lovely photographs in the Outer Hebs that I decided to change the blog banner.

The dominating feature of the islands that I remember are the waves crashing on the empty white beaches, driven by the strong winds over the long reach of the wild Atlantic.

Sure, you may need a woolly hat along with your bucket and spade, but give me these places over the Costa del Sol any day…

And for further proof here are some more photo’s taken from beach of Halaman Bay, Barra. I promise to stop the holiday pics after this!