The night is very long…

This is Emily’s arty shot of me- looking appropriately messed up.

I have had a week of being ill- a rattling cough that keeps me awake all night- not helped by the fact that I am half way through fitting a bathroom so am living in dust.

I am just at the end of three nights with hardly any sleep. In fact last night, I went outside to watch the dawn around 6AM after a long night of wakefulness.

But there are compensations;

‘Ten Thousand Places’ available for download…


‘Ten Thousand Places’ is now available as a download via Proost’s December release.

You can download, or pre-order a physical copy here.

Personally- I am old fashioned and believe that books need to be in paper form, but who knows how we will be reading them in 50 years time?

Regular readers of this blog will recognise some of the poems- here is one of them-


You were made to choose

What you look for

You will find

Look for barren emptiness

It is there

Look for cynical meanderings

And you will wander those weary roads

Or you may look for wonder and beauty

The fingerprints of grace

On every rock

Every frond of fern

Every wisp of mist

In the shy smile

Of a little girl

In a teardrop channeled down the dirty lines

Of an old man’s face

In a whispered prayer from a worn out woman whose faith flickers

And is almost gone

Let me draw it all across the miracle of vision

And it will light up your soul

I will place eternity inside

This moment

I made you for just this tender thing

I made you

For all of this

I made you

For me




Lent, and ’40’…

I recieved this lovely e-mail the other day-

Dear Chris,

This is the second year I have used 40 through Lent and I am loving it again but in a completley new way.

Isn’t it amazing how God can speak to you differently even when the words are familiar?

I bought my copy at Lee Abbey a year after I had first seen it; it had called to me right from the start!
It is so lovely to hear that things that you have written are meaningful to others. It is almost like hearing people praising your child.

You can still get hold of ’40’ from Proost.
It is not too late to make your own Lenten journey…

Find me O my father

Make me.

Take me back to you

My throat is cracked

But thirst is more

For you

My stomach craves

A food that feeds only this;

My soul.

So I walk


Close to falling


To you