TFT Christmas card 2012…


Sometimes darkness lies with open arms

Casting no shadows;

No zones of jagged uncertainty

The folded black is bosom-soft

An iris around the eye

Could it be that dark is not opposed by light

But is the place where light is falling?

For the night is not defeated by starlight-

It is anointed.

At the edge of this suburban half light

Beyond the reach of neon

Darkness is waiting

Like pregnancy

For light to be born



May you be richly blessed this Christmas.

The blessing of darkness…

(Our house lit by a bit of slave ‘flash painting’ work on a long exposure.)


Last week we had a lovely couple staying as guests in our annex from London. This was their first time in Scotland, and they were blown away by the beauty, and even more so by the peace and quiet.

One of the things they mentioned too was darkness. The kind of darkness that you only get at some distance from light pollution that bounces off clouds and leaches into every corner. Their reaction to a walk up our drive at night was a combination of fear and wonder.

All of which led me to think about the juxtaposition of light against dark, goodness against badness, truth against falsehood, etc. All those old polarities; one of which we ascribe to God, the other we blame on the flesh or the devil.

One of which can not exist without the other.

So, light can only be understood in the knowledge of darkness. As Jesus put it;

…the people living in darkness
have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of the shadow of death
a light has dawned.

Matt 4:16

I started to think about how all of these things might exist in the mind of God.

And the Darkness became purple again.

Dark reflection…

Part of some poetry written for Aoradh’s Pucks Glen meditation walk- another Cowalfest collaboration. If you are local- come along to the Glen next Saturday @ 2.00pm. You can book here.

The sun can only be seen in the light

Of the sun

And everything else is just



Sometimes our roads lead through dark places

Places of uncertainty

Bridges between here-

And somewhere else


But darkness is often penetrated

From above


Like this falling silver water

Night comes soon…

The dark nights are always a surprise when the clocks change from BST to GMT- it was already dark when I was home from work at 5.15.

Winter feels that step closer.

Darkness is rising.

So on this All Saints Day- may some fractals of light make their home in your soul.

For the winter is long

But also


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