The next generation of garden grazers…

…and try as I might, I can not resent them for the plants that I know they will destroy.

I looked out of the front door a few minutes ago and there were two tiny fauns on the driveway, still covered in their lines of camouflage spots and speckles to hide them from the wolves and lions that no longer frequent these parts.

They are young Roe deer, around 2 or 3 weeks old.

One was shy and skipped through the hedge almost immediately. The other one lingered, perhaps curious about whose garden this was that provided such good eating.

Even when she wandered through the gap in the hedge she did not go far- watching me as I watched her. Here she is;

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The monsters of Ardentinny beach…

The last weekend of a week off is always hard. The weight of the week ahead, and the mountain of tasks waiting loom large. It has been a full and lovely weekend though.

Yesterday we dug the garden, mended the canoe, and planted some willow to make  willow tunnel down to one of the sheds. It will take a year or so to be big enough but it is exciting nevertheless. Today we played cricket, dug the garden and planted more willow for an Arbour, and greeted Emily back after a week sailing in Norfolk.

Yesterday we also took a visit to Ardentinny beach to barbecue and celebrate little Aidan’s birthday. No so little I suppose- he was 5.

Whilst we were there we encountered a few monsters!

A shed full of hope…

I have been busy!

Regular readers of this blog may remember some garden deconstruction in the summer…

It has been quite a job to clear the wreckage, along with all sorts of junk left behind by previous occupants of our house.

One benefit to clearing the space is that it revealed some graffiti art on our back wall done by Marcel, a Swiss guy that lived in our annex for a while. It spells out the word…


Which is kind of appropriate, as building new things always requires hope.

I need a shed.

All men need sheds- perhaps women too, but the place of contemplation and creativity for men of a certain age is often made out of timber.

I have another purpose to all this though- we are in the process of trying to reshape some of what we do to earn a living, and one of these involves the establishment of a craft co-operative with some friends. And so the cellar needs to be cleared out to allow the setting up of a couple of kilns. Tools go into what is presently the garden store, and garden equipment needs a new home.

So here it is so far, after three days hard labour-

And I need a workshop, where I intend to make stuff.

Simple stuff from driftwood and pebbles and rope.

In the hope that a new kind of life is possible.

Deer on the doorstep (and in the veg patch…)


We have a few garden visitors.

A few vegetable munchers.

A few bark strippers.

The odd shy eye that catches the sweep of headlights.


That are so hard to resent,

Because they are lovely.

So this morning, I peeked through a hedge with my camera, and there she was. Shy and still, with eyes that draw you in, and ears alert for a million dangers…

So, it is worth investing in a few well placed gates, but the loss of some shrubs and the odd cabbage, the shredding of my Gunera- these things I will bear to be so close to such creatures…


On growing things…

We have been doing a lot of work in the garden in the last few months. We had two rough aims- one was to create an outside social space- we were inspired by the Quiet Garden trust, and hope still to offer the garden as a space for others.

The other aim was to start using the green space we have to produce our own food.

And things are growing! We have already been harvesting our own salad- lovely green leaves, radishes and spring onions. And all sorts of other things are shooting upwards…


We are very fortunate to have the space to think about these things, but the thing about gardening, is that it is very hard work! We have had a gloriously sunny weekend up here- and although I spent a few hours cutting the grass, to be honest- the dilemma I have is rather summed up in this picture below-


I came across this clip on you tube the other day-

Our friend Ali is doing battle with Argyll and Bute council to try to get them to fulfill obligations to provide an allotment site in Dunoon. How do you fancy a plot like this one Ali?