The canoe is back…

Today, one week after my recent adventure, I took a trip over to Bute.

It was a lovely day- very cold, but full of sunshine. As ever- the camera travelled with me…

During lunch, I visited the local Coastguard office, to fetch my canoe. There was some confusion as to who had the key- it turned out that the lock up that the canoe was in was actually used by a former member of the coastguard to store his scaffolding. This is Argyll after all.

Eventually a very nice man turned up with a large bunch of keys, and what he called a ‘universal key’ in the form of a large hacksaw. The universal key was not needed, as the first actual key opened the padlock, and I was reunited with an old, battered and rather well travelled green canoe.

It was good to see it again. We have some more adventuring to do.

But for now, lets go home.

Canoes, bonfires and marshmallows…


Today Emily and I took our canoe out on Loch Tarsan, having packed the stove, the kettle and some marshmallows to toast over a fire.

It was a lovely day, and the head of the loch was shallow and warm (ish) so we also had a swim. Not a soul for miles, just the two of us, and wild creatures- an eagle overhead, and fish jumping at flies.

Store it up in the memory.

An ordinary day, me and my girl, loaded up with blessings.