A few more pictures of autumn…

We had a lovely day today- I took a day off work and Michaela and I went a walk in the sunshine around Benmore Gardens before meeting Simon and Helen for lunch in the coffee shop.

Autumn was kind today- we did not even need coats- which is something of a contrast with the stormy weekend just past.

So, a few pics then…

kicking leaves

Support for people bereaved by suicide…

choose life

My wife Michaela is conducting a piece of research for Choose Life Argyll and Bute, in partnership with Argyll and Bute Volunteer Centre, and is looking for support and information.

Over the years of delivering suicide intervention skills courses, Choose Life have become increasingly aware of the lack of resources to support people after a suicide in Argyll and Bute. They are seeking to find out more about what resources would be useful for those surviving suicide and those bereaved by suicide, alongside those professional services providing support to those at risk of suicide. The  hope is that this will lead to actual resources available across the area.

She would like to speak to people in Argyll and Bute about what has helped them after being affected by suicide, and what services they would like to see being developed in the area for themselves or others.

However she would also like to hear from others across Scotland about what services and support are available in your area for people who have experienced risk of suicide, or bereavement by suicide, including both family and staff. If there are currently groups, helplines or activities that you know of that help people in your area, it would be good to hear about it, as an idea that could be used in Argyll and Bute.

Please contact michaela on 01369 700100, or email dev.abvc@tiscali.co.uk . Also, if you know someone who has an experience that you think they would want to share that would help this project, please invite them to get in touch.

Happy birthday Michaela!

Today is my lovely wife’s birthday. She is 41 years young.

And I love her.


This is one of the few photos of the two of us together- taken in France last year.

Today we took a trip out for lunch in Strachur, then out to Inveraray, where we decided to be tourists for the day, and look around the Duke of Argyll’s Castle.

It was one of those horizontal rain kind of days, but in order to complete the tourist thing, Michaela decided to have an ice cream.

I am sure the hypothermia will pass…


On our anniversary…

Today Michaela and I have been married 18 years.

18 years! Where did the time go?

But I am blessed.

Michaela- you formed the best part of me, and I love you more now, than ever…

Michaela avoids cameras- but here are a few recent photo’s…

And here is a poem- old romantic that I am.


There’s a billion years of history
That starts in oozing slime
But it makes no sense to me
It has no human rhyme

The vastness of the universe
The emptiness of space
This has no part of me
It has no human face

If I knew the time when
All time will meet its end
All would still be meaningless
Without you my friend

For as you wake
The morning mists your eyes
And in the afternoon
The sunshine shows your smile
And as the evening slips into the night
Your hair is dancing in starlight

For Michaela 2002.