The best mandolin playing I have heard for ages…

TSK mentioned a free download of some of Charlie Peacock’s music via Noisetrade.  I knew the name from years ago- and old Greenbelt festival throwback, but I had never listened to much of his music. I heard that he had produced The Civil Wars album (which I love) so I hit download.

Wow. I am still digesting the songs, but the music is simply stunning.

I am a sucker for a certain kind of Americana- the edgy bluesy folky stuff. I can even enjoy a bit of country so long as the twang and yee harring is kept under some control- but the production and the musicality of this is wonderful.

Here are a couple of clips;

And I mentioned that mandolin. It is everywhere in the songs- hitting blue notes and accenting everything. As someone who has tried to play mandolin, I stand in awe.