The price of a cup of tea…

Yesterday we had our lovely Aoradh Sunday- we gather for worship, then we eat together.

The first thing we do (this being the UK) is share a cup of tea. For people in our culture, drinking tea together is more than just refreshment; it is a symbol of friendship, a symbol of simple community and hospitality. As a friend of mine recently said ‘there are not many problems that can not be sorted out over a cup of tea’.

Yesterday we were drinking a brand of tea that has a long history- a company called Tetley who are the second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea (after Unilever.) We normally try to buy fair trade tea, but someone else had recently given us a large bag of the Tetley stuff, which tastes good.

Or it did until we watched this;

It is a simple thing to do.

Buy tea with a Fair Trade label.

Drink with a wider community in mind.