After the wind, snow…

The weather is playing with us.

This morning heavy snow flurries cancelled my trip to Bute.

But by this afternoon, everywhere was calm and still.

I took this from our bedroom window earlier-




























Despite the poor light I was too lazy to set up a tripod. Here is another one, taken from William’s bedroom…

Another storm…



Ripping and rending

Bending then breaking

Scuttling and guttering

Litterbugs whirling

Hold fast to the railing-

Here comes the storm


Slates start their scissoring

Lifting and sliding

Chimney pots clinging

Open mouth howling

Insurance claims pending-

Here comes the storm


Foaming and crashing

Spray plume tongue lashing

White horses raging

Anchors are scraping

The shore all white teething-

Here comes the storm


Sirens nee-nawing

Some cars aquaplaning

Power lines sparking

Snaking and falling

Gadgets are dying-

Here comes the storm