Watching those who watch…

beach, crowd, b and w

I finished my contract working in Inverness, and am back home catching up on all sorts of jobs. I have just been reviewed some photos I took up there. I went out to Chanonry point to sneek a peek at the dolphins that the Scottish Tourist Board pay to entertain tourists…

Of course, I was NOT a tourist. I stood back from the mob, aloof, alone and superior. Or at least that is how I like to see it. A dog was laughing at me though which was rather unsettling.


The performing dolphins did not disappoint. Shrieks of excitement in twenty different accents competed with the sound of the sea and the cry of seagulls.

I suspect one of them was mine.




Cowal- listed as one of the worlds best under rated holiday destinations!

…according to travel writer Nikki Bayley writing for yahoo travel.

Cowal is placed alongside The Azores, Newfoundland, the Falkland Islands and the West Coast of Australia. If this seems like a piece of Hyperbole- then you need to come and check us out.

And if you do- perhaps you might like to make use of our cosy annexe!

If you are looking for a great value summer holiday we still have some spaces- or if you are looking to organise something for later in the year- check out the calendar on the website here.

Here is a photo we took looking over towards Sgath an Tighe from the middle of the Clyde…

Le Blackpool…


So we are all thinking about holidays right?

I used to live near to Blackpool. Those of you who know me will not be surprised that I did not go there very often. But I do agree that it has it’s charm.

Chips in the rain

Garish lights reflected in the wet tarmac

Dirty sand blown from the beach

Fortune tellers and slot machines

Faded, tacky grandeur, aged quickly in the salt air

The shrieks of folk on the way to nightclubs and the click of too-high-heels

However, despite these somewhat dubious pleasures, Blackpool seems to me to be quintessentially British- and northern British at that.

So when I heard that the Blackpool tourist board are trying to market Blackpool to the French, I thought that this would be worth seeing. I was not disapointed.

Watch out for the hot pot…