I make the local newspaper…

Gulp- my recent little swim made front page of the Dunoon observer.

Here is a photo someone took- I am out of view behind the police launch.

Michaela and I took a trip down to the west bay this morning. We went to see David Torrance, the man who raised the alarm, and said thanks. He seems a really nice guy, and I will be forever in his debt. He was in the right place, at the right time, and did the right things.

We then went round to the Rock Cafe for breakfast, and stood watching the sun sparkling on the sea around the Gantock Rocks. It is a lovely cold sunny day today. I looked a where I entered the water and marvelled at how far I swam.

I do not plan to repeat it.

Hope rises…

We are planning (and I use the word loosely) a thing. An Aoradh thing. Around an Advent theme. We will be supporting Simon and CLAN as they sell some Christmas trees and raise some money for the play park.

It will be based on the West Bay in Dunoon, on the 12th/13th December. We will have a big tent, mulled wine, thinking stations, and… (we hope) be getting people to decorate sky lanterns for a mass launch.

Assuming we get permission.

And assuming it is not very wet.

Or windy.

So come along- let hope rise to faith.

We tried out one of the lanterns this evening in house group- so for those of you out looking for meteor showers, what you saw was not one of them. Nor was it an alien space ship.

It floated into a tree, then rose high in the direction of Helensburgh, where it was no doubt shot out of the sky over Faslane naval base.

We wrote prayers on it- and watching the thing rise gracefully into the sky then disappear into the clouds was wonderful.